News about Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200, PDA600 and also Amstrad PC

Vexed, an Amstrad CPC puzzle game by Under4Mhz


Vexed by Under4Mhz (I like the name) is a new puzzle game for Amstrad CPC. Match blocks and dont leave one or you must start anew the level.

I found a new way to play it, see below (well when I will find how to use the buttons as the joystick button, I am new to EmulationStation).

Vexed on a PiBoy XRS (Raspberry PI 4 inside)

v1.4 of the Contiki v1.x fork (an operating system) for Amstrad CPC by Pulkomandy


Pulkomandy has released a new version v1.4 of his fork of Contiki v1.x for Amstrad CPC. More informations on his Contiki page (with the download).

Contiki is a small operating system for embedded devices. While version 2 of the system is designed to run on embedded devices and has an IP and IPv6 stack as the main feature, the 1.x version of the system is better known for being ported to several 8-bit and 16-bit home computers.

Contiki's screenshot, an operating system ported on Amstrad CPC by Pulkomandy

Classic Adventurer issue 11 is out by Mark Hardisty, about adventure games (March 2023)


Classic Adventurer is a newspaper about adventure games by Mark Hardisty. Last issue number 11 was released in March 2023 as usual as a free download or in printed format.

Los Elfos de Maroland, a graphical adventure game by Dwalin for Amstrad CPC and PCW


Los Elfos de Maroland is the latest adventure game written by Dwalin, only in spanish at the moment. It's a conversion with DAAD of its game previously written with PAWS in 1993.

The gameplay video is done by Xenomorph


A new disk drive replacement by Recalbox for Amstrad CPC, PCW and PPC


A new video by Oldschool is beautiful presents the new Recalbox hardware to boost old consoles and computers.

For our Amstrad computers, there is only an alternative remplacement for the disk drive of the CPC, PCW and PPC using the FlashFloppy firmware, so an alternative to a Gotek.

RAM upgrade from 512 to 640Kb on a Sinclair PC200 by Amstrad Retro Geek


If you have a Sinclair PC200 (PC XT) still with its RAM default (512 Kb), I invite you to see the video by Amstrad Retro Geek which shows how to upgrade to 640 Kb.

Emotion Trouble, an Amstrad CPC demo by Madram


Madram has released a new Amstrad CPC demo : Emotion Trouble during the Revision 2023 demo party. All code and sound are written by Madram. Another nice demo.

Checkmate, an Amstrad CPC demo by Pulpo Corrosivo


Pulpo Corrosivo has released a new Amstrad CPC demo : Checkmate during the Revision 2023 demo party. The code and graphics are written by Toms and the music by Tom et Jerry. A nice demo.

Memory Full, history of the Amstrad CPC demo scene, tome 1, by Hicks


Announced on CPCWIKI, Hicks has written Memory Full, history of the Amstrad CPC demo scene that you will be able to order on Ulule. I just ordered one, will you be the 133th to order it ? With some more we could have 464 orders, maybe 664 or lets become mad 6128 (or plus...).