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A new Amstrad CPC board game by Eto : the Enchanted Stones of Cameronne


Eto has just relased his first game ever for the Amstrad CPC : the Enchanted Stones of Cameronne (download link, also on CPCWiki).

It's a board game called "Cameronne" and based on the great game Ishido for the Gameboy which he played for hours.

Cameronne is written in Locomotive BASIC except for the music, which is using the Arkos Tracker BASIC binary provided by Targhan. Despite being a Basic game, he put quite some effort into optimizing the slow parts. It's of course not efficient as an Assembler game, but he thinks he could hide the annoying slow parts, so it doesn't hurt the gameplay too much.

Special thanks to Mr. Lou for providing the excellent music tracks. And thanks to Targhan for providing an easy way to include music into Basic programs.

It's also possible to play it at that website in the browser. But I recommend to play it on real hardware or a good emulator.

On the website there is also a ZIP file which contains the printing arts for the inlet, disk label and also a small manual with a background short story and the instructions. So it's possible to create a physical release if you want.

Youtube video of the Enchanted Stones of Cameronne game by Xenomorph below.

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