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Blorp!, a text adventure game by Shawn Sijnstra for Amstrad CPC et PCW (and more)


Shawn Sijnstra (and Stefan Vogt) are working on VEZZA his Infocom/Inform/Z-machine interpreter for Amstrad CPC and PCW (and other computers) to play adventure games without needing a memory expansion (Inform format v1 to v8), under CP/M and not Amsdos. The program you need to dowload is different if you are using an Amstrad CPC ( or a PCW (

For the 3th PunyJam contest PunyJam he wrote with the PunyInform library a text adventure game : Blorp! (February 2023). This is a short adventure set in an underwater brewery. You left your rather expensive experiments in the hands of your friend Dave, but you know something isn't right. You better have to download the Airlock Collection pack for its Amstrad CPC/PCW disk image, the Itch page has only a Z3 and Z5 infocom file.

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