Programmes Amstrad CPC commençant par la lettre W

Wabbit on the wampage St. brides 1986    
Wacky Darts Codemasters Software 1992    
Wacky orchard Philsoft 1985    
Wacky Races   1992    
Waking steps A. lockhart      
Walker A. young      
Walking Mummies (the) Cococode 2015    
Wall 2 (the) / le mur 2 Scooto / little blue flame 1987    
Wall street Lmc software 1987    
Wallbuster Sean McMANUS 1991    
Wanderer 3D Beatrice LANGLOIS, Jean-Luc LANGLOIS, Frederic LANGLOIS 1988 Oui  
Wapton village race Dt software      
War   1986    
War block 2 M. boisbrun 1985    
War cars construction set Firebird 1987    
War europa (the)        
War Game Logistrad 1987    
War game (the) Reelax games 1985    
War in Middle Earth Maelstrom Games Ltd 1989    
War machine Players 1989    
War of the Solstice (the) Mike SINGLETON 2021    
War of worms Mossoft 1985    
War space Poum 1988    
War Zone S. Thomas 1984    
Wargame construction set   1988    
Warhawk Paul JOHNSON, Rob HUBBARD 1988    
Warlock The edge 1987    
Warlord Interceptor software / david banner 1985    
Warrior   1985    
Warrior+   1986 Oui  
Watch out!!!   2023    
Water games        
Water in glass        
Water Invasion v1.0 Epsilon 1996    
Waterloo M.C. LOTHLORIEN Ltd 1986 Oui  
Way of the exploding fist (the) Melbourne House 1985   Oui
Way of the Exploding Fist , The - Fighting Warrior   1986    
Way of the exploding fist plus / return of the exp Melbourne house 1986    
Way of the success (the)        
Way of the tiger (the) Gremlin graphics 1986    
We are the champions        
Wec Le Mans Konami 1988    
Weetabix vs the Titchies Dave BYRDEN 1984    
Weird dreams   1989    
Welcome to Amsoft Amsoft 1984    
Welcome To Amstrad CPC 6128 Amsoft 1990    
Welcomes You To The CPC 664 Amsoft 1985    
Well (the) E. spicer 1991    
Welladay S. avery / scull pd 1990    
Wells and Fargo Emilio MARTINEZ 1988    
Welltris Infogrames 1990    
Wembley Greyhounds P. K. MACMANUS      
Werewolf Simulator Charles A. SHARP   Oui  
Werewolves & wanderer        
Werewolves of London VIZ Design 1987    
Werner   1987    
West Bank Dinamic Software 1986    
West Phaser Loriciel 1989 Oui  
West point 3        
Western games Magic bytes / micropartner 1988    
Wezrner so isses        
Whack attack D. hall 1990    
What am i? M. clarke 1989    
WhatTheRock   2023    
Wheel of fortune N. campbell      
Wheel spin        
Wheels of fire Domark 1990    
Where evil dwells J. davidson      
Where time stoods still Ocean 1988    
Whirligig   1988    
Whirly bird Cascade games 1986    
Who dares win Alligata 1985    
Who Dares Wins II Steve EVANS 1986 Oui  
Who said that? Radical software 1994    
Whopper chase Topo soft / burger king 1987    
Wibstars A'n'f software 1987    
Wierdstone (the) P. ramsey      
Wild bunch (the) Firebird 1985    
Wild horse 2        
Wild Streets   1989    
Wild Streets   1990    
Wild West Seymour Codemasters Software 1992    
Willow Pattern ISSI 1985    
Willy 1 et 2        
Willy wino's stag night Probe software 1988    
Winchester Chip 1988    
Wind Surf Willy Silmarils 1989    
Wings of fury Broderbund 1989    
Winners Us gold 1990    
Winning team (the) Domark 1991    
Winter Games Ocean SOFTWARE, Sentient Software Ltd 1986    
Winter olympics Tynesoft 1986    
Winter sports Electric dreams 1985    
Winter Wonderland Tim WALSHA, Simon LIPSCOMB 1987    
Wintersthorpe park race Mosaic pub ltd      
Wipeout Mastertronic / glenco 1990    
Wireware Cesar Nicolas GONZALEZ 2021    
Wise and Fool of Arnold Blackwood Nemesis / c. harris 1984    
Wishbringer Brian MORIARTY 1985 Oui  
Witch hunt Supersoft / b. cotton 1986    
Witch hunter L. davis      
Witchcraft Free game blot 1984    
Witchcraft S. vallois 1986    
Witness (the) Stu GALLEY 1984    
Wiz-Biz Charles A. SHARP 1987    
Wizard warz Us gold / go 1987    
Wizard willy Codemasters 1989    
Wizard's castle (the) Jr power 1980    
Wizard's lair Bubble bus 1985    
Wizards orb Gordon yaccomine      
Wizball Ocean 1987    
Wolfenstrad Optimus, Voxy, Sice 2012    
Wolfman Crl / r. pike 1987    
Wombles (the) Alternative software      
Wonder Boy Sega Enterprises 1987 Oui  
Wonder Boy remake Sega Enterprises 202x    
Wooky and moty Crl 1987    
Word finder J. birkett      
Word puzzle D.a. 1984    
Word splash        
Word Style John TWIDDY 1989    
Word-man C. wootton 1990    
Wordhang B.E.S. 1984    
Wordle CPC Leonard EROED (Arnolde) 2022    
Words P. amstrong 1988    
Wordsmith G. short 1991    
Working backwards Design design 1986    
World champions Challenge / e&j 1989    
World championship boxing manager Goliath games / krisalis 1990    
World Championship Soccer SEGA 1990    
World class cricket   1992    
World Class Leaderboard Canvas 1987    
World class rugby Audiogenic 1991    
World Cup John PRINCE 1985    
World Cup Nick THOMPSON 1992    
World Cup Carnival - Mexico 86 John PRINCE, Tony WARRINER 1986 Oui  
World Cup Challenge Players Premier 1990    
World Cup Compilation   1990    
World cup manager Macmillan 1985    
World Cup Soccer 90 Probe Software 1988 Oui  
World Games Choice Software 1987    
World of Barbarian (the) Psygnosis 1988    
World series baseball Imagine 1985    
World soccer Zeppelin games 1990    
World soccer league Challenge 1990    
World war 3 Free game blot 1985    
World War Simulator part II Toni RAMIEZ, Alex LAYUNTA, Jose A. MARTIN TELLO 2018    
World-Wise Bourne Educational Software 1984    
Worm in paradise (the) Level 9 / austin 1985    
Worm slickers Face hugger      
Wormhole (the)   2022    
Wow !   1989    
Wrath of Olympus Charles A. SHARP 1986    
Wrath of the demon   1991    
Wrath of the MCPC (the) Michael WESSEL 2021    
Wrecking Ball Francesc ALCAUCER 2021    
Wreckless roger Blaby computer games 1986    
Wrestling Superstars Codemasters Software 1993    
Wriggler Blaby computer games 1986 Oui  
Wriggler Romantic robot 1985 Oui  
Write it right S.h. brown 1984    
Wulf Demo 2 Secretsoft Technical Services 1992    
Wulf Demo 3 Secretsoft Technical Services 1993    
Wulfpack Owen C. HEINZ 1988    
Wunderbar Krusty, Targhan, Voxfreax 2017    
WWF Wrestlemania TWILIGHT 1991    
Wyzaxx Nwc