Programmes Amstrad CPC commençant par la lettre O

O tac-tic        
Oasis (el) / lexa 4 Alea 1986    
Oberon 69 G.ll. 1990    
Objectif 10000 Credit agricole / l. larbalette      
Objectif Europe Coktel Vision      
Obliterator Psygnosis 1989    
Obsidian Artic computing 1985    
Ocean Conqueror Peter VITRAY, Lajos PALANKI 1988    
Ocean top 10 Ocean      
Ocean top 20 - dixons Ocean 1988    
Oceano EgoTrip 2015    
OCP Art Studio (the) Rainbird Software 1986    
Octan Firebird      
Octoplex Alan MONTGOMERY, N. THOMPSON, Martin HOLLAND, Tony WILLIAMS 1989    
Octopus (GX4000) Nintendo 2023    
Octopus Deluxe Nintendo 2023    
Octopus Pocus Toms, Beb, Rexbeng, Barjack, Targhan 2019    
Odd one out M. pinder 1990    
Oddjob Pride utilities 1985    
Odyssey Chany, Memory, Made, Rsx 1994    
Oeil de Set (l') Pierre-Jean VAUCLIN, Olivier CHAUBIN, Christophe GOUCHET, Xavier TALGORN 1987    
Oeufs de paques        
Off shore warrior Titus 1989    
Official Father Christmas Game (the) Shaun G. Mc CLURE 1989 Oui  
Oh Chute Cwiis 2024    
Oh Mummy Gem software 1984    
Oil P. soupault 1986    
Oil dallas        
Oil panic F. romand 1988    
Oil panic X. d'abrigeon 1986    
Oil Panic GZB, RedBug, Kukulcan 2021    
Oilmania Ablaze 1995    
Oilmania Assembly line / dreamsoft 1990    
Oink ! CRL 1987 Oui  
Old sam's saloon gamble machine E.j. klasarek 1989    
Old scores Global software 1986    
Ole Jawx 1985 Oui  
Ole Toro Ignacio Ruiz TEJEDOR, Ignacio BERGARECHE 1985    
Olli and Lissa - The Ghost of Shilmoore Castle Ionis Software International 1988 Oui  
Olli and Lissa 3: Candlelight Adventure Roger DANISON, Julian DANISON, Gerry DANISON 1989 Oui  
Ollis crown risiko        
Olympe Free game blot 1985    
Olympiad Atlantis software 1986    
Olympic souris        
Omega dimension Positive 1989    
Omega planete invisible Infogrames 1987    
Omelette infernale (l') Lmc software 1990    
Omeyad Ubi soft 1989    
On court tennis Activision 1986    
On cue Mastertronic 1987    
On the bench        
On the oche Artic computing / paxman 1984    
On the run Design design / firebird 1985    
Once a knight is enough The phantom      
One D3M Software 1986    
One man and his droid Mastertronic 1986    
One on one Ariolasoft 1985    
One two Titus 1990    
One Wonder   2023    
Onescreen Colonies Hicks, Beb, Tom et Jerry 2018    
Onescreen Colonies 2 Hicks, Beb, Madram 2022    
Open Space Toms, Beb, Hicks, Beb, madram 2022    
Open Tower Defense Roudoudou, Hwikaa, Tom et Jerry 2021    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Operation Alexandra by GameBase CPC

Operation Alexandra 4Mhz 2018    
Operation Gunship Philip OLIVER, Andrew OLIVER, Neil ADAMSON, David WHITTAKER 1989    
Operation Hanoi Wayne HAY 1990    
Operation hormuz Again again 1988    
Operation nemo Coktel vision 1987    
Operation omega Jm. bieber 1986    
Operation Thunderbolt Taito Corporation 1989    
Operation Thunderbolt (CPC+) Taito Corporation 1990    
Operation Wolf Taito Corporation 1988    
Opetrous / operations a trous J. reingot 1987    
OPQA vs QAOP: The Final Battle Manuel SAGRA 2018    
Or des azteques (l') Kukulcan software 1994    
Orb quest Wow software / p&t. stitt 1991    
Ordi puz G. lavergne 1987    
Oriental Games David BISHOP 1990    
Oriental Hero   1990    
Orifice from outer space (the) Plasma touch / r. robinson      
Original adventure (the)        
Orion Jasap software / load 'n' run      
Orion Prime Arkos & Les sucres en morceaux 2009    
Orkon mission (the) Gac user 1987    
Ormuz Iber soft 1988    
Orphée Laurent BENES, Didier BERCHIATTI, Roger NICOLLE, Patrice GUERLAIS 1985    
Ortho CM A. MALASSIS 1988    
Orthographe CM GUION 1986    
Orthogus - Tome 1 Michel Grezels 1987    
Ortwin's run Northern soft / j.j. schwarze 1986    
Oshidi Lmc software 1991    
Osprey ! B.E.S. 1984 Oui  
Othello P. hardy 1986    
Othello / challenger reversi Cobra soft 1985    
Othello 3d D. drugmanne 1985    
Othello master Power soft 1985    
Othellus H. hubert 1987    
Out of this World A.P. COOPER, Graff-Teqnixx, Jason C. BROOKE 1987    
Out of this World Andrew RICHARDS 2016    
Out Run Sega 1986    
Out Run Europa Sega 1991    
Outboard   1990    
Outlaw Players 1990    
Outlaws   2016    
Ouvertures (les)   1988    
Overkoban Tom and Jerry 2013    
Overlander Elite 1988    
Overlord Lothlorien ? 1984    
Overlord 2 Amsoft 1984    
Oxo Dino / scull pd 1990    
Oxphar Ere informatique 1988    
Oxyda S. vallois 1987    
Oxysudis Dds 1991