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Babaliba WIP, an Amstrad CPC game by ESP Soft


Babaliba by ESP Soft is a work in progress remake(advanced beta) of the original game Babaliba by Dinamic Software on ZX Spectrum in 1984.

The history of the game it the following, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Babalas wars, the self-proclaimed new sultan of Turkey, Hosmimumarack, has begun to hoard all the treasures of the Middle East in his palace. Among them is a pendant found in a den of thieves in Arabia that grants the sultan almost unlimited supernatural power. With each passing day its power increases, threatening Western countries. The sultan's daughter, the result of a relationship with a queen from northern Europe, is in charge of guarding her father's pendant. For Hosmimumarack both are his most precious jewels. The British government, aware of the sultan's power, has sent several agents to the site with the aim of recovering the mysterious pendant. None have managed to return alive. Hosmimumarack Palace is an almost impregnable bastion. No one can enter or leave as an invisible force acts around the premises. But an agent has discovered a way to get in, notifying his superiors by radio and being taken prisoner shortly after. His last transmission turns out to be a mystery for the British secret service: "Johny, friend... I found it... spell... BABALIBA...".

So now Johny Jones, Saimazoom's explorer hero, returns in a new adventure full of challenges. This time the United States government, collaborating with the British government, entrusts him with a suicide mission : travel to the Hosmimumarack palace, rescue his companion who is imprisoned in the dungeons of the palace, kidnap the princess, daughter of the sultan. and bearer of the pendant, and recover the treasures looted during the Babalas wars. The palace consists of several rooms and several floors connected by stairs. In order to advance it is necessary to find a green key and a red key, located somewhere in the gardens, which open the access doors to other rooms of the palace, full of dangerous enemies and guards armed with scimitars. Be very careful with the wells or Johny will suffer an agonizing death in the jaws of the sultan's ferocious crocodiles. To succeed in his mission, Johny has 20 bombs and a limited time. Once you have achieved your goal, you must return to the gardens and orderly gather the letters that form the BABALIBA spell, with which you will be able to leave the palace. If you do not collect the letters in the correct order your mission will fail.

Hypernoid Zero, an Amstrad CPC game by Bitplane Technomantes (Revision 2024)


At the Revision 2024, Bitplane Technomantes has released a shoot them up Amstrad CPC game : Hypernoid Zero (local download). If you did like Cybernoid 1 and 2 that you found too easy, then Hypernoid Zero is made for you ! But beware, it's more than a simple shoot them up, when you enter a new room, take some time to analyze it as there may be some surprises, puzzles. Don't take the low bounty option if you plan to upgrade your armament, and be aware of possibles secret rooms where some new armament could be found, but shhhh it's a secret !

The design is by Axelay and Rexbeng, programming is by Toms (intro) and Axelay, graphics are by Rexbeng, music is by Tom et Jerry.

They won the third place at the game development compo.

The video below is from Amstrad Maniaque (map not totally discovered), but there is also the video of Hypernoid Zero by Metr81 (only half of the map discovered though).

Echoes of the future, a text adventure game WIP by DaReInt (and three other games)


DaReInt is working on a text adventure game : Echoes of the Future (WIP) in english which will be available on Amstrad CPC and already downloadable in .Z3 format to be used with WinFrotz for windows so you can give feedback to his author.

He has written other adventure games for ZX Spectrum in spanish, three of them are available on Amstrad CPC thanks to DAAD :

Redux, a text adventure game by Shawn Sijnstra for Amstrad CPC et PCW (and more)


Shawn Sijnstra (and Stefan Vogt) are working on VEZZA his Infocom/Inform/Z-machine interpreter for Amstrad CPC and PCW (and other computers) to play adventure games without needing a memory expansion (Inform format v1 to v8), under CP/M and not Amsdos. The program you need to dowload is different if you are using an Amstrad CPC ( or a PCW (

For the 4th PunyJam contest PunyJam he wrote with the PunyInform library a text adventure game : Redux (December 2023). The game is an exploration into the mind of the protagonist, and has a highly unusual gameplay.

Eleventh Amstrad CPC score contest on Goatfish organized by Border 0


Border 0 organizes his eleventh score contest on the game Goathfish (action game par Ervin PAJOR for CPCRetroDev 2020) till the 30th April 2024. See the site for the rules, you will have to use the WinAPE Amstrad CPC emulator to record a SNR file.

Rodolfo Skylarriente 2 by Sakis Kaffesakis, an Amstrad CPC adventure game


Rodolfo Skylarriente 2 is a graphic adventure game on Amstrad CPC by Sakis Kaffesakis, Manossg (music), Brundij (digitized screens) and MiguelSky (traduction). It is available in english, french, greek and spanish.

A video of presentation in french is available (soon also in english, check his Youtube channel).

Oh Chute, an Amstrad GX4000 and CPC+ in digital and physical version by Cwiiis


Cwiiis has just released his arcade Amstrad GX4000 and CPC+ game : Oh Chute (web site to order a physical cartridge of the game).

You are Ron Danger, stunt person and extreme sports enthusiast. You just can’t get enough of sky-diving, but the local helicopter pilots have had it with your antics and are out to get you… It’s up to you to show them who’s boss!

Choose one of four different levels of varying difficulty and see how long you can survive. Sky-diving is hard enough alone, but those darned pilots aren’t going to make it any easier for you. Keep an eye on their movement and choose the right time to open your ‘chute and manoeuvre to one of the designated landing zones.

New CPC/Plus-focused tile-map editor by Cwiiis (and more)


Cwiiis is the author of Maped, a python utility to edit Amstrad CPC(+) tilemaps (see on CPCWiki and Github).

On his Github you can find two other Amstrad CPC related utilities : dsk2dir (creation/extraction of .DSK) and cprtools (concatenate ROMs in one .CPR).

Abalore in three words : OS, wifi and Amsteam


Abalore in three words it's :

  • the past in one word to start AbalaoreOS about which I didnt write in time (it started in February 2023). And yes, it's a WIP operating system for Amstrad. You can see video about it on CPCWiki and his Youtube channel.
  • the present in two words first a wifi card which leads to its use Amsteam which is the streaming of Amstrad CPC games.

What will he bring us for the future ?

Los Elfos de Maroland, a graphical adventure game by Dwalin for Amstrad CPC and PCW in english


Los Elfos de Maroland is now also available in english. It's a graphic adventure game written by Dwalin for Amstrad CPC and PCW, msdos, C64, MSX1 and MSX2, Amiga and Atari ST. It's a conversion with DAAD of its game previously written with PAWS in 1993.

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