Graphics programs for Amstrad CPC computers (464 664 and 6128) by name

Graphics programms for Amstrad CPC
NameDescription Aggressor OCP Font Ampix, french drawing program from Am-Mag magazine Amstrad CPC system font for Windows. (c) Amstrad plc. Converted to .FON format by Kevin Thacker. Thank you to Cliff at Amstrad plc for his permission to distribute this. Police Amstrad CPC pour windows, convertie par Kevin Thacker OCP Font Cathedrale ConGo Shell Extension v0.3 for win9x, a new tool for the Commodore loving PC owner which adds many useful "commodore" functions to Windows Explorer

ConGo Shell Extension v0.3 pour win9x, un utilitaire rajouter des extensions commodore à l'explorateur windows Huhn mit Fuchs Claudia demo version (no save option), an Amstrad CPC(+) utility to convert .BMP pictures to mode 0 and overscan, can use the 4096 colors of the CPC+, in 1999, 2 .DSK

Claudia version de démo (pas d'option de sauvegarde), un utilitaire Amstrad CPC(+) pour convertir des images .BMP en mode 0 ou en overscan, peut utiliser les 4096 couleurs d'un CPC+, en 1999, 2 .DSK Coca Cola Porno Animationen Comic Cuts, a PG-rated collection of cartoons for Amstrad CPC by The Ghoul (aka Jonty Jones), 2 .DSK

Comic Cuts, un slideshow Amstrad CPC par The Ghoul (aka Jonty Jones), 2 .DSK Congo 4 v0.89, a 8 bit image viewer/converter for Windows, it can show images from C64, Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore Plus4. It can save them in PC formats like bmp and jpg. It can also convert PC images to formats of the supported 8 bit platforms

Congo 4 v0.89, un visualisateur et convertisseur d'images 8bit pour windows. Il peut afficher des images C64, Spectrum, CPC et C+4. Il peut les sauver au format PC et convertir des images PC dans les formats 8bit ConvImgCPC v0.16 by Demoniak, a win9x utility to convert pictures (GIF, JPG, BMP, WMF) to Amstrad CPC screen format, french and english

ConvImgCPC v0.16 par Demoniak, un utilitaire win9x pour convertir des images (GIF, JPG, BMP, WMF) vers le format d'écran de l'Amstrad CPC, en français et anglais CPC2x v2.0 by Michael Stroucken an extensible converter of CPC screensaves to common formats (GIF and TIFF), sources and binaries for MS-DOS and CP/M included Motorrad CX 650 Turbo DBTpal v0.0, an Amstrad CPC utility for managing palettes by Nicky One of DBT

DBTpal v0.0, un utilitaire Amstrad CPC pour la gestion des palettes par Nicky One de DBT
dbtscan.lzh DBTscan, an utility for Amstrad CPC by Nicky One, creates overscan screens with OCP and save them as an auto-executable file, 1 .DSK

créez des images overscans et sauvez les comme des fichiers auto-exécutables, 1 .DSK decompact'OCP v1.1, décompacte les images OCP avec affichage de la palette décompacte les écrans sauvés avec une multiface 2 recover screens saved with with a multiface 2
dem2plus.lzh D.E.M.2+ v5.0 by Beast from Rebels, a freeware CPC utility to decompress Multiface 2+ screens, march 95 4 utilities for the Amstrad CPC Desktop Environment System

4 utilitaires pour l'environnment graphique Amstrad CPC Desktop Environment System no description Doom-slideshow, an Amstrad CPC slideshow by Juggler (POW!) in 1996, 1 .DSK

Doom-slideshow, un slideshow Amstrad CPC par Juggler (POW!) en 1996, 1 .DSK Klaubi Text-Editor Sex Film Animation 4 works with CPCEMU v1.2 (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) (Crunched OCP-ART-Font with palette!) Animierte Porno Szenen Animierte Porno Szenen Ghost Sex II Ghoul's Writer v1.0 by Tom et Jerry of GPA, (c) 1994, is a utility compilation which allows you to create little self-executable introductions without ANT PROGRAMMING. With G.W. , you can send 'computer letters' to your friends, make articles for disk fanzines, etc... Compared to other writers (Ghost writer de MTI, Kangaroo's letter creator), G.W includes many options to give a personal touch to your intros (you can use your own musics, graphics, etc.. ). GIFCON v2.0 by Siou, an Amstrad CPC program to look at .GIF on the CPC, you can then save them in .SCR or .PAL, .GIF must be under 187 Ko no description OCP Font Graph'OS Viewer, an Amstrad CPC utility by Eliot to view pictures saved with the Amstrad CPC+ utility Graph'OS (graphic editor) by Iron

Graph'OS viewer, un utilitaire CPC par Eliot pour visualiser les images créées par l'utilitaire Amstrad CPC+ Graph'OS (éditeur graphique) d'Iron OCP Font a selection of graphics and windows icons about AMSTRAD CPC computers by Jes£s Basco L¢pez Une sélection d'images et icones windows sur l'Amstrad CPC par Jes£s Basco L¢pez Graphic Wizard v1.4 for win9x by C.O.S., converts .BMP pictures to CPC screens, adjust settings of the picture before saving

Graphic Wizard v1.4 pour win9x par C.O.S., convertit des images .BMP au format d'écran CPC, permet de modifier des réglages de l'image avant sauvegarde The Greenfinch
iffcon11.lzh IFF-CONVERT v1.1 by Face Hugger, march 1993, converts IFF pictures from Amiga (no more than 64 colors) to CPC, shareware KHR Girl Show 1 KIT 4096 v1.3 by Offset from Futurs, an editor for 464+ and 6128+, which can use the 4096 colors, there are two programs, kit 4096 (the editor) and pal 4096 (get a 4096 color palette from basic) KIT 4096 v1.3 par Offset de Futur's, un éditeur graphique pour 464+ et 6128+ qui peut utiliser la palette de 4096 couleurs du CPC+ KNS Sex Show 1 OCP Font Cat & Mouse Mega Porno Show Model's, an french Amstrad CPC+ slideshow by DBT, 2 .DSK

Model's, un slideshow Amstrad CPC+ français par DBT, 2 .DSK transform a screen from mode 0,1,2 to mode 0,1,2 (1990) Monkey Island II by Dimitrios Karalis (KSL), a greek Amstrad CPC slideshow, 2 80 tracks.DSK, January 2005

Monkey Island II by Dimitrios Karalis (KSL), un slideshow Amstrad CPC grec, 2 .DSK de 80 pistes, janvier 2005 Mums & Dads, an adult Amstrad CPC slideshow/texts, 1 .DSK

Mums & Dads, un slideshow/textes adultes pour Amstrad CPC , 1 .DSK NConvert v3.72 for win9x by Pierre-E Gougelet, Nview is a multi-format image converter, recognizes Amstrad CPC screen format,

NConvert v3.72 pour win9x par Pierre-E Gougelet, un convertisseur d'images tous formats, reconnait les écrans Amstrad CPC KKB Nice Picture Show 1 KKB Nice Picture Show 2 OSV viewer, an Amstrad CPC utility to look at any screen file (compacted or not, palette or not)

Utilitaire CPC pour voir tout ficher écran Overscan Utility System for Amstrad CPC, a utility to create either horizontal or vertical (but not full) overscan screens, by Epsilon

Overscan Utility System pour Amstrad CPC, un utilitaire pour créer des écrans overscans horizontaux ou verticaux (mais pas entiers) par Epsilon out-ecran v1.0 de Tom&Jerry, transforme écrans OUT <-> écrans 17Ko transform OUT screen <-> 17Ko screens Overscan Utility BMP-Convert : the PC graphics converter from Joker of BENG!, plus an example slideshow and some german instructions
pccpc.lzh PCCPC, an Amstrad CPC utility which converts PC CGA screens to CPC - mode 1 by Serge Querne, 1988 PD Graphics Collection by The Eletric Monk in 1993 or 1994, all kinds of graphics, some ripped from games and diskmags, others converted from Amiga and PC, others digitized by myself. The files are in compressed OCP Art Studio format, 6 .DSK
pdtools.lzh PDtools, Amstrad CPC tools by Frequency and Doodler of SystemD : fileinfo, scrunch (screens cruncher), Sprite filer (sprite compiling program) Peepshow
pen& Picture Gallery, a selection of 17 very detailed pictures for Amstrad CPC by an unknown artist, 1 .DSK

Picture Gallery, une sélection de 17 images très détaillées pour Amstrad CPC par un artiste inconnu, 1 .DSK Porno Pictures
pro-v10.lzh Proverscan v1.0 for 128 Ko CPC by Epsilon a CPC utility to make overscans screens
pro4demo.lzh PRO-Design 4.0 Demo by Crusader Software, Wuppertal (, a german WYSIWYG graphic program for CPC 6128 (464/664 with 64Ko extra bank of memory), 1996, 2 .DSK ESC Peep Show PREVIEW OCP Font Royal Air Force Rastarkos, a french Amstrad CPC utility by Targhan (Arkos), it allows you to create easily a raster, in 1999, 1 .DSK

Rastarkos, un utilitaire Amstrad CPC français par Targhan (Arkos), il permet de créer facilement un raster, en 1999, 1 .DSK Ratz's CPC+ Sprite Designer v1.0 by Ratz of STS ( allows to design and manipulate hardware sprites for the Amstrad 464+ and 6128+ computers. These can then be used either in your own machine code programs or from basic by the use of a program such as Logon Systeme's B-ASIC, which is included on the disc. Demonstration sprite and colour files included Get Sprites (Odiesoft) READSCR for ms-dos by Ark, a PC utility for viewing Amstrad CPC screens, with palettes or not,

READSCR pour ms-dos par Ark, un utilitaire PC pour voir les écrans Amstrad CPC, avec palette ou non des out dans tous les sens pour reformater vos écrans (de Kop) Roudoudou loves too much its CPC, so Madram made him a very special hair cut. You have to see this video !

Roudoudou aime trop son CPC, Madram lui a donc fait une coupe de cheveux spéciale CPC. Vous devez voir cette vidéo ! Fractals : mandelbrot, IFS, julia sets, henon strange attractors, chaos plus a 2D and 3D fractal generator Screen Saver (Ripper) Sprite Edit v0.12 by Roudoudou, a CPC+ sprite editor in basic, in 2000, 1 .DSK

Sprite Edit v0.12 par Roudoudou, un éditeur de sprites CPC+ en basic, en 2000, 1 .DSK Sex Show Tonight Sexhouse Sex Machine Sexopoly Sex Show Ladies Sex World Sexybande 2
sfc21.lzh Screen Format Convert v2.1 by Beast of Rebels, a graphic CPC utility, march 95 S.I.D.A. SIMONE v1.0 for msdos by Roudoudou, a picture converter for CPC, supports HSI-RAW image format,

SIMONE v1.0 pour msdos par Roudoudou, un convertisseur d'images pour CPC, support du format HSI-RAW Get Sprites (F&D) Sprite Hard Editor, a french Amstrad CPC+ utility to edit hardware sprites by Amaury Durand in 1998, launch B- then SPRITE

Un utilitaire CPC+ pour éditer les sprites hard par Amaury Durand en 1998, lancez B- puis SPRITE Star Check - The Worst Generation, an Amstrad CPC cartoon based on Star Trek, written and drawn by The Ghoul (aka Jonty Jones) in 1997, 2 .DSK. You can also see it on the World Wide Web at

Star Check - The Worst Generation, un slide show Amstrad CPC basé sur Star Trek, by The Ghoul (aka Jonty Jones) en 1997, 2 .DSK. Visible également sur le web à Tauceti Screenshot traceur v4.02 de Neofyt, pour tracer des courbes TUSS (The Ultimate Sprite Searcher) by Richard Wildey, an Amstrad CPC utility to grab sprites from programs, comes in 4 versions (64 Ko, 128 Ko, and 64/128 Ko for Multiface), RSX commands included to use the spriters in your basic programs

TUSS (The Ultimate Sprite Searcher) par Richard Wildey, un utilitaire Amstrad CPC utility pour récupérer des sprites d'un programme, disponible en 4 versions (64 Ko, 128 Ko, et 64/128 Ko pour Multiface), commandes RSX incluses pour utiliser les sprites dans un programme basic Ultimate Porno Show