Another PCBoard DIR file 2 HTML and MySQL convertor
12th June 2009

Years ago I registered PCB2HTM (which comes with PCBLST) by Ian Gerada to create HTML pages from PCBoard DIR files, with linking to the files for download.

But PCB2HTM was lacking some features, so I programmed APCB2HTM as a freeware starting from september 2002 with all the features I wanted :

Here is the same PCBoard DIR file, first created by PCB2HTM, and then created by APCB2HTM.

Download APCB2HTM v1.5 (with CSS and MySQL support), more google aware

History of APCB2HTM and LST2DAT

APCB2HTM v1.5 (6th June 2009)

- META NAME="description" not anymore in APCB2HTM.CFG, it now uses the 2nd
  line of the .DAT file for the META and TITLE html tags : google prefers a
  different description for each html/php file
- removed revisit-after META from APCB2HTM.CFG (not used by google)

APCB2HTM v1.4 (26th March 2005)

- creating .SQL files is now an option, use 'SQL' on command line
  to create the file
- corrected a bug in the .SQL generation

APCB2HTM v1.3 (17th November 2004)

- creation of SQL scripts, you can now play with html/php as usual or manage a SQL database
  for more freedom
- using TH instead of TD for the title of the columns
- removed useless lines from APCB2HTM.CSS

APCB2HTM v1.20 (3th August 2004)

- support for CSS (Cascade Style Sheets), you have to change the 
  apcb2htm.css now instead of the BODY line in apcb2htm.cfg
  Put apcb2htm.css in the directory where you have your html files
- use of Dublin Core meta data in HEAD section,
- all tags in lowcase (for XHTML later maybe),
- not using anymore TARGET="_blank" in web links,
- added an INCLUDE.CFG, you can add some html or php code in this
  file, it will be added just before the close BODY tag, useful for 
  a menu which will be put at top of page with CSS for example.

APCB2HTM v1.10 (2th July 2004)

- trimming spaces from file size,
- translation of spanish accentued character,
- barely starting support for creating another HTML file (sorted on
- HEADER.DAT automatically renamed to APCB2HTM.CFG, as it's not a
  .DAT to be used with APCB2HTM
- apcb2htm and lst2dat has been compiled with Free Pascal v1.0.10
  (older versions used v1.0.6)
- HTML files will be valid HTML 4.01

APCB2HTM v1.09 (22th June 2003)

- using HTML tag PRE, descriptions lines looking better now

This version wasnt advertised on the web site nor on fido or usenet

APCB2HTM v1.08 (2nd January 2003)

- comments and spacing added to pascal source so it's more readable,
- allow you to create HTML file only if the DIR file has changed
  since last creation, see 2.3) of APCB2HTM.TXT

LST2DAT v1.08 (2nd January 2003)

- trimming right spaces from DIR path and DIR Description
- same version number than APCB2HTM


APCB2HTM v1.07 (27 december 2002)

- minor modifications to APCB2HTM
- checking if a parameter is given on command line

LST2DAT v1.0 (27 december 2002)

first version


v1.06 (25 december 2002)

- Files errors (.DAT, .DIR or HEADER.DAT) are now reported in ERROR.TXT
- new characters translated into windows character set

v1.05 (20 december 2002)

multiple spaces are translated to &nbsp so the right spacing is kept

v1.04 (27 october 2002)

new characters translated into windows character set

v1.03 (14 october 2002)

adding file check for HEADER.DAT, .DAT files and PCBoard DIR file

v1.02 (7 october 2002)

- wrong pascal source included with v1.01
- added one line at top of HEADER.DAT, must be 0 or 1, with 0 files will
  be converted to lower case for ftp links, with 1 files will be
  converted to upper case

v1.01 (3 october 2002)

http addresses are converted in HTML tags

v1.00 (28 September 2002)

first version